Zunaira Naeem
Analytical Chemistry Graduate Student

Lahore, Pakistan

B.S. in Chemistry, Government College University, Lahore (2018) M. Phil in Chemistry, Government College University, Lahore (2021)


Zunaira graduated from Government College University, Lahore, Pakistan with a B.S degree in Chemistry in 2018 and an M. Phil degree in Chemistry in 2021. Her previous research focused on the synthesis of silver coordination polymers with pyridine-based ligands and their applications in catalysis and fluorescence quenching. She joined the Prentice Lab in 2023.


  • Grinter Graduate Student Fellowship (University of Florida, 2023)


  • Zulfiqar, S., Naeem, Z., S, Sharif, Rashid, A. Ch., Zia-Ul-Haq, M., & Moga, M. (2023). Nanomedicine Against COVID-19. In H. T. Ahmedah. et. al (Eds.), The COVID-19 Pandemic: A Multidisciplinary Review of Diagnosis, Prevention, and Treatment (pp. 447-492). Apple Academic Press. ISBN: 9781774910504.

Teaching Experience

  • TA- CHM2046L – General Chemistry Lab 2 (UF, 2023)