Interested in joining the Prentice Lab? We are always excited to hear from motivated and enthusiastic undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral candidates! Our Current Group Members have diverse academic backgrounds in chemistry, biochemistry, biology, and engineering. The lab currently has opportunities for students with interests in biomedical imaging applications, mass spectrometry instrumentation, gas phase synthetic chemistry, lipid biochemistry, protein chemistry, chemical biology, and biostatistics.

UF Undergraduate Students: Interested undergraduate students should send a transcript and cover letter to Boone Prentice (via e-mail). The cover letter should outline your relevant coursework, any previous research experience, your research interests, your current career interests, and the amount of time you anticipate devoting to a research project.

UF Graduate Students: We currently have openings for graduate students on a variety of research projects. Prospective graduate students should apply to the UF Chemistry Graduate Program. Please contact Boone Prentice (via e-mail) for additional information.

Postdoctoral Fellows: We currently do not have funding to support postdoctoral researchers. Interested candidates would need to have their own funding or fellowship.